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Success is the completion of anything intended. In other words, success is to finish things you haven planned to do. Even robbing a bank could be a success if you have planned, however you wouldn’t have intended to end up being in a prison! Success, is what everybody wants in life, whether it’s success in life or success in something you dream of, or it sometimes doesn’t come, but to let go, and more on is another form of success. Some tasks are not always made to be succeeded. Success, is a satisfaction for yourself. People say to never satisfy and have a big dream. But dreams have not many thing to do with it. Success, will be different definition for other people, but it really bases on how much you wanted to achieve. Success is also what you had in the procedure, not only the result. Well, in addition,I think that success brings you into a better person, from having success it proves how hard you worked, how hard you tried.

Some people, however, thinks that getting a yellow penguin for a pet is the only form of success. Maybe even naming the penguin John would be an accomplishment. Also, some poeple thinks that only the results are important, because if you tried hard but couldn’t get anything in life, then you’re the one who lost. And doesn’t have a yellow penguin named John. Besides, anyway, you can succeed at failing, but that would be failing on success, which is succeeding at failing. So anyway you put it, you won the game. Success is being happy in your life, no matter what the reason is. You may be poor and starving, but a complete happiness just makes you be successful until you end your life. Success is for yourself and yourself to be happy in your life. If you are happy about living on the earth, you are being successful, but even if you are honored and rich with your ability, if you are unhappy and worried all the time, that’s when you should try to be successful. If you were happy to be in GLPS, you succeeded, enjoying your learning  and classes.

Success. All humans thrive towards success. Everyone wants to be “successful”. We thrive to create a materialistic world even if we don’t mean to. Let’s take a look at an example of “John the yellow penguin”. Although it is just part of our imagination, some people have a sense of security when they think of “John the yellow penguin”. Just like all ideals, some are just impossible to attain. “Success” may seem far and hard to reach. We can be successful in small things perhaps getting an improvement in test score or such. At the end of next week, we will all go back home. It might be sad but this also can be considered as “success”. We all succeeded to finish this camp and it is very important to end it successfully.


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Developing Pictures: photography+development

There’s been a huge amount of media coverage over the past couple of days, of a film about Joseph Kony, leader of the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Kony and his ‘army’ have plagued the countries of Uganda, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo for over 20 years. Kony is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes by the LRA, and thousands of children have been abducted and forced to become child soldiers.


The 30 minute film (embedded above), by the American charity Invisible Children, is part of their global campaign to try to bring about the arrest of Kony, before the end of 2012. In 2011, the United States deployed 100 military advisors to help the Ugandan military track Kony down. Invisible Children’s campaign intends to ‘make Kony famous’, and therefore keep up the…

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Ode to my hair

Dear hair,

Hi hair. It has been years that I haven’t written any pen letters, and I didn’t know by then that i would be writing on for you for such purpose. It really has been a long and fun time with you. I did like you, and I believe you had the same  feelings for me as well. But I got to tell you this, that I have changed my mind. All my friend told me that we looked good with each other. But , I’m sorry, I do not think that way anymore. But yes I did love you, did feel proud of you, and always wanted to show you off to all of my friends. Ad you’ve promised me, you’ve always stayed with me, anywhere, anytime, as if you would go to the world’s end with me. I did love you too. Whenever we went to hang out with our friends, everyone were jealous of me for having you. You were my everything and you were the cause of my happiness.

However, at one point, I think that you’re just too much for me. At first, I just felt that you should have met a better girl who does not hurt you. Compared to you, I was nothing, and even though I loved you real much, I decided to let you go. By trying not to think and care about you anymore, I think I do not have any affections towards you, and by now I am considering to let you go. I won’t be able to totally forget everything about you, and I won’t be able to pull you out starting from the deep root attached to my heart. (head..), since you were my first and only love. Hoe you could let me go as well.

Thank you, good-bye.

28th July 2012, Sue


Introducing me

2 Truths & 1 Lie

Hi everyone, my name is Sue. These are some introductory paragraphs of the place I came from. Be aware to the fact that there is a lie among the three paragraphs! Please do enjoy 😀

To start off,  I live in a city called Shanghai, which is located somewhere in China. As soon as I have moved there, the first thing i have noticed about Chinese is that they grow their finger nails long, in which the long finger nails were used as  a function of cleaning out ear wax or getting rid of their nose wax (boogers. GROSS!) It is not only the Shanghainese, and of course, and I am not saying that all Chinese have a habit of doing that however, most of the people there are used to do that, mainly because they are too busy to do those at home, or because they think they look stylish with their fingernails grown long.

On top of that,  China is a country that is very famous for it food. If you visit some famous cities to China such as Si Chuan or Beijing, you can see the scene where the street merchants sell food such as fried starfish, grasshoppers, and many other living organisms that are stuck in a stick so that it is easy  both to sell and buy. What I knew new about a food that is being sold by the merchants in Beijing, is the cat ear soup , where the soup is made mainly with cat ears. The soup is put in paper cups, and then sold to the customers at a price of about 10 to 12 RMB for each cup.

This is a last piece of information about the place I come from. Do you all use SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, or the typical video sources like YouTube? Well, good for all of you who do. In China, the Chinese government has blocked all these, so that we can’t use them. We don’t know the exact reason why it has done such thing.  However , the two main reasons the netizens think is that firstly, because there  are simply more users of SNS of other countries compared to the local users of he Chinese SNS. Thus, he probably wanted more users to use the Chinese ones. Second guess by them is that the Chinese government wants to earn more money to make China a richer country by letting people pay for the VPN.